#OneWord Mid-Year Reflection

As a sit at home alone with my beagle, drinking a glass of wine and listening to the fireworks going off outside, I find myself reflecting on my goals for this year, in particular, my 2012 one word selection. In selecting my #oneword2012, intentional, my aim was to think critically about my holistic development as a person and professional. As I reflect back on the last six months, being intentional this year has come with some challenges as well as a number of successes. Relationships have been a key theme for me so far. Being married, making friends in a new state and new job, and finding mentors have all been relationships I have intentionally developed and nurtured. Job searching, mentorship, and professional development have all been big wins for me so far and I continue to grow in areas of mentorship and self care. Have you taken the time to reflect on your #oneword2012? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Job Searching: I was intentional and focused when conducting the job search process this year and at the end of January accepted the position of Coordinator for Assessment at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I am proud & happy to be a Tar Heel.

Mentorship: After participating in the #WLSalt community on Twitter and the WLI Facebook page, I started to understand the importance of having positive women role models and forming my professional “board of directors.” ACPA and Twitter connections served as a great launching pad for me to intentionally seek mentors. I have had some amazing conversations and am being pushed in very healthy and challenging ways. My network is growing and expanding in quantity but more importantly, with the quality of individuals I am proud, humbled, and grateful to surround myself with.

Professional Development: In starting my new role at UNC, I have been very focused on my professional development including taking Strengths Quest, participating in #SAASS when possible, reading a wealth of information, flexing new assessment muscles in different ways, and attending the NASPA Assessment & Persistence conference. I want to continue to be planned and focused with my professional development by reading, meeting sheros on campus and in the region, attending sessions at the Odum Institute, and eventually taking a class.

Areas that I need to continue to strengthen include maintaining mentoring relationships, taking better care of myself and meeting my own needs.

Mentorship: I have found some amazing women with remarkable strength and experience. I am looking forward to connecting with these women for decades to come. I know there are more women in student affairs, assessment, and international education that I can reach out to, make connections with, and build lasting mentor/mentee relationships with. I just need to find them, & I am taking any recommendations you might have! I want to continue to be intentional in being a good mentee, maintaining, and sustaining these relationships.

Myself as a Habit:  In all of my intentionality with being a good partner, daughter, grand-daughter, friend, and professional, I am leaving myself behind. This will stop. I love my friends & family, and I love myself, but I need to say no at times & make time for myself instead. The areas I want to be intentional for myself are the following.

  • Prayer: Making time for prayer and reading my one page devotional
  • Italian: Studying nightly for 10-15 minutes and listening to Italian on my way home from work
  • Quiet time to think, own what I am feeling, and to reflect
  • Physical Strength & Ability developed through running and yoga frequently and consistently

How have you lived your one word? Where do you still have room for growth? 


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