My Dream Day

“The year you are in now, should be the greatest year of your life.” – My International Finance Teacher at Bucknell

I’m having a rough day/time period right now and have really been feeling the effects of this. So, I thought I would write about something positive and snap myself out of this funk! One of the most positive things I think about is my dream day. If I could have the perfect day, every day, what would it include? I think my perfect day would look something like this:

  • Wake up, pray, & give thanks for another day
  • Do yoga outside with the dog (he only has one pose: downward facing dog of course)
  • Run 3-5 miles (pushing myself each day to run further or faster)
  • Eat a healthy breakfast, read reader, get ready for work
  • Work in a positive, supportive, and empowering environment where I am trusted to do my job, free to be myself, challenged to be my best personal and professional self, and where I contribute to the following:
    • A strong sense of community
    • Students understanding and investigating their identities
    • Mentor students  and professionals from all walks of life
    • Empower others
    • Demonstrate and share in a climate of integrity and professionalism
    • Practice and preach intercultural sensitivity and communication
    • Helping someone, somehow, with something
    • Making a positive difference
    • Create an environment that is Socially Just
    • Engage in professional development with other SA and nonSA pros
  • After work, walk the dog, come home and meditate (to reflect on the day, release bad energy, focus on positive energy, and absorb the events, learning, and growth that happened throughout the day)  
  • Cook a fantastic dinner / or go out to dinner with my family and friends
  • Spend time doing one of the following each night:
    • Reading/interpreting any work of Dante’s in the original text
    • Visiting with friends in different languages (preferably Italian, Spanish, or Japanese)
    • Reading & blogging about Student Affairs, International Education, Empowering Women
    • Refining my Ph.D thesis idea
    • Reading for leisure
    • Baking something wonderful
  • Spend the rest of the evening relaxing with the dog and my amazing significant other
  • Go to bed, pray, & give thanks for the day

I am sure that if I look back at this post in a week, month, year, I will realize I have forgotten many things. But for right now, this would be my dream day. The greatest part of this is that I could accomplish a lot of this each day, and I plan to start.

What does your dream day look like? Could you do it now, or work towards it?


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